Specialty Classes

Looking for more focused training? Want to target a specific muscle group? We offer a wide range of challenging four, six and eight-week specialty classes year round. Get comfortable with the basics, develop technique, build confidence and get stronger with our focused classes and clinics. You don’t need to be a member to enroll in our specialty classes.


Focus on new goals with old school savings! We've rolled back ALL of our specialty class prices to 2011 - FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  Inflation? Only thing we're inflating are those beautiful muscles, and your confidence, of course! Sign-up now for any of our specialty classes now enrolling - no membership or or code required!

Barbell Lab Specialty Class


Step up to the bar! Learn the proper form for barbell exercises – from deadlifts and squats, to rows and presses – as you progress through this strength training series that builds muscle and brain power. NEW SESSION NOW ENROLLING – as low as $49!


Specialty Class: Boxing - NOW ENROLLING!


Learn how to throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, while getting an incredible workout! This class is open to all levels, and is sure to get your heart-pumping, and leave you feeling confident and strong. NOW ENROLLING FOR FALL 2023!


hiity bitty

Target your lower body and shoulders with this challenging class that incorporates traditional weightlifting sets with a killer HIIT finish. This is a bikini & physique competition team favorite. A great class to focus on building muscle while burning fat! NEW SESSIONS NOW ENROLLING!


spartan training

Time to set an epic goal for yourself. Push your limits and train for the next Spartan Race. Develop the tactical strength needed for specific Spartan obstacles while improving overall strength and endurance. JOIN US FOR FALL 2023 SESSIONS – NOW ENROLLING


trx fusion

Take your TRX workout up a level! Ignite your core while improving strength, flexibility, and balance. TRX fusion incorporates a variety of suspension exercises along with complimentary body weight, free weight, and cardio exercises. NEW SESSION NOW ENROLLING!



Strong Girls Specialty Class for Girls Age 14-18


Do you know a teenager wants to build stronger, and start or continue a passion for fitness? Or a high school athlete looking to build their conditioning? We’ve got a class for the strong girl in your life! New sessions coming soon!



Get your kids in on the bootcamp fun! Our certified Instructor leads kids through their own fun, safe co-ed bootcamp style class – getting them moving and building confidence early! Perfect for ages 5-12. New sessions coming soon!




Utilizing AMRAPs, EMOMs and other classic WOD-style workouts, AMP is designed to combine strength and conditioning with endurance training in one fast-paced and varied workout. AMP is our most challenging class in terms of technical skill and experience required. NEW SESSION COMING SOON!


New Class! BUILD


A strong body isn’t built in a day! But how do you get there? You start here, with BUILD. Our new specialty class provides the focused structure you need to build muscle and strength through various training formats. NEW SESSION COMING SOON!



Work your ENTIRE CORE, from the inside out with this strength and conditioning class that works your hips, glutes, and abs from every angle. We cover it ALL in this popular class! NEW SESSION COMING SOON!


New Class! Resistance Band Training!


Try something new, and challenge yourself with a simple, effective tool: resistance bands! Resistance Band Training challenges full body functional movements, as well as isolating specific muscle groups to develop strength, core stability and form. NEW SESSION COMING SOON!


New Class! Total Body Stability


Want to build stability, work your core in a different way, and have some fun while getting a great workout? You’ll love our new, one-of-a-kind Total Body Stability specialty class. NEW SESSION COMING SOON!


Intro Offer: 2 Weeks for $2

Class & Membership Policies & FAQs

How early can I sign-up for a class?

You can sign-up for bootcamp, L.I.F.T., RIPPED and METCON30 classes one MONTH in advance.

When you purchase a specialty class, you are automatically signed up for each week of the session.

How does the waitlist work?

When a class is at capacity, a waitlist automatically opens for the class. You can put yourself on the waitlist, and be automatically added to the class as space becomes available.

Note: You will NOT be added to the waitlist for a class within one hour of the class start time. This policy is in place to ensure you have enough time to prepare to come to class, and avoid unnecessary late cancel and no show fees.

You can, at any time, remove yourself from the waitlist the same way you remove yourself from any other class. You can also add yourself back in.


What if I can't make a class I'm signed up for?

We understand that your schedule changes, and you may need to cancel a class. You can log-in to your MindBody Online profile at any time to cancel a class. Cancellations made within THREE HOURS of a class start time will be charged a $10.00 late cancel fee to the default debit/credit card listed in your account. EARLY RISER (5:30a) classes have an EIGHT HOUR late cancellation policy.

If you do not show up for a class you have reserved a spot in, you will be charged a $25.00 no show fee to the default debit/credit card listed in your account.

Does the gym cancel classes?

If a regular schedule class (not a Specialty Class), has fewer than three (3) clients enrolled, it will be cancelled due to low enrollment following the same time limitations as client Late Cancel Fees.

All regular schedule classes will be canceled due to low attendance THREE HOURS before class, except for early morning classes (5:30a and 6:30a), which will be canceled EIGHT HOURS before class starts.

Please also review our inclement weather policy.

NOTE: The Fitness Asylum reserves the right to cancel due to emergency or inclement weather outside of these times.

What is your inclement weather policy?

The Fitness Asylum makes every attempt to open during inclement weather. Unless the staff are physically unable to get to class, or the driving conditions become unsafe, we will open.

We do not default to the local school district's decision to open or close.

If we must cancel, we will often make the decision closer to the class time, but we do make every effort to give a minimum one hour notice.

You will be notified via email as well as text (if opted in) if/when we cancel classes. We will also post closures on our business pages.

Our LATE CANCEL/NO SHOW policies do not change due to inclement weather if we are open and running classes. If you are not comfortable driving to class in inclement weather, please remove yourself from class before the late cancellation window to avoid incurring fees.

Can I cancel or pause my membership?

A 30-day written notice is required for cancellations, and is subject to contract terms. Memberships can only be paused with a medical note from your physician, or for military leave.

For complete details about membership terms and conditions, or other questions, please contact support@fitness-asylum.com.

Do I need to sign a waiver or any other forms?

Yes, prior to attending your first class with us you will be asked to review and sign both our waiver, as well as our non-disclosure agreement.

Already signed up and haven't received a link to these forms? You can access and complete them by clicking here.

Can I bring someone with me to observe class?

Classes are reserved for paid members and class pass holders only. Members do receive guess passes annually, to be used for friends or family (age 13+) to take class.

We kindly ask that you do not bring a friend or relative with you to sit on-site during your class. 

For more information about obtaining your guest pass, consult your Member Welcome document or contact support@fitness-asylum.com

What is your policy for arriving late to class?

If you arrive to class late, you will be instructed to wait in the waiting area, where you can observe the trainer's instructions for the set, and will be assigned to a place in class when the demonstration is complete.

If you arrive to a class after the trainer's demonstration has ended, you will not be permitted to take that class.

I have a question not listed here. Whom can I contact?

For complete details about membership terms and conditions, class sign-ups, or other questions, please contact support@fitness-asylum.com.

How do I update my credit card on file in MBO?

To update your credit card information, please log-in to MBO on your computer desktop (the app will not save the card), using this link. You can update your saved credit card information in your account settings.


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