Create the life and body you love – without the food drama.

Bonnie Lefrak has helped thousands of women (and men) make incredible transformations. Her expertise goes far beyond writing successful, effective meal plans. 

With over 20 years of nutrition and fitness experience, and successful nutrition transformation programs at The Fitness Asylum, Bonnie reflected on the female clients she helped and found that they needed more

She created Self Made specifically for women over 40 who needed specific guidance and coaching to not just lose weight, but correct years of improper dieting and bad habits, address hormonal issues, and eliminate the food drama – all without exhausting themselves with intense gym routines. 

Self Made is a high-end, online nutrition coaching program written, designed, and led by Bonnie Lefrak, Certified Life Coach. This program is NOT focused on competing in a bodybuilding competition, or achieving an impressive transformation in a shorter timeframe. It can be done from ANYWHERE and is not directly affiliated with The Fitness Asylum. 

Stop feeling stuck! 

To apply for Self Made, and determine if this is the program for you, visit bonnielefrak.com. 


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