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The next 12-Week Body Challenge kicks off September 18, 2022 – FROM ANYWHERE!
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The Body Challenge is for you

Lose weight in 90 days, no running, lifting or juice cleanses required. Whether you’re looking to lose 5 lbs, 10lbs, or 25+ lbs, The Body Challenge is our most successful and longest running weight loss and nutrition program. This program provides you with an easy to follow meal plan, weekly accountability, and all of the tools and support you need to achieve your weight loss goals!

Lose Weight. Build Healthy Habits.

The Body Challenge delivers SUSTAINABLE weight loss results without extreme dieting. Not only do you learn what to eat, but you FINALLY understand where you may have gone wrong before and how to develop a healthy lifestyle beyond the 12 weeks. When you sign up for The Body Challenge you are assigned a Team Captain who not only keeps you accountable but also provides weekly guidance and support to stay focused and crush your goals.

Are you ready to be leaner, healthier, and more confident?

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I’ve found what works for me and my body

This challenge has been extremely exciting for me. I’ve lost just about 25 lbs from April 5th, 2020 to June 26th, 2020 and I’ve found what works for me and my body and I’m working it to the max! This is my 3rd challenge and in total since September 2019, I have lost over 52 lbs! I work out everyday on MY time and stay on track with my food choices. The Fitness Asylum has literally changed my life for the better and continues to do so everyday with this amazing community!

-Randi B.

I started putting myself first.

That’s when I joined the 12 week Body Challenge in January 2020.  I became part of a group and I wasn’t alone. 

In 12 weeks I lost close to 40lbs!  I have lost inches, gained confidence, more energy and feel a whole hell of a lot better then I have before! For me this program was more than a weight-loss program it was a lifestyle change! 

– Nicole L.

I started putting myself first.

That’s when I joined the 12 week Body Challenge in January 2020.  I became part of a group and I wasn’t alone. 

In 12 weeks I lost close to 40lbs!  I have lost inches, gained confidence, more energy and feel a whole hell of a lot better then I have before! For me this program was more than a weight-loss program it was a lifestyle change! 

– Nicole L.

A Comprehensive Success Plan

If you want to lose weight, want a supportive community, and you are READY and WILLING to prioritize yourself — then this program is for YOU. These are the key pillars to success that have helped thousands of participants over the past 11 years of this challenge,

Meal Plan & Macros

Our Proprietary Nutrition Course is simple to follow with a DONE – FOR – YOU meal plan to maximize fat loss. You won’t just learn what to eat, but why and how to lose weight and keep it off.


Weekly Accountability

You will have an experienced coach as your designated Team Captain providing support on weekly LIVE coaching calls and helping you to make adjustments as needed for maximum results.


No matter where you are participating from, you are never navigating this weight loss program alone! Being part of a team allows you to connect with other participants, exchange tips, and keep each other motivated.


  • Informational Kick Off Meeting, professional before & after photos and weekly prizes!
  • Proprietary Nutrition Course with a DONE – FOR – YOU meal plan
  • Designated captain who reviews the nutrition plan, checks your food-journal and helps you make adjustments
  • Private Facebook Groups for support and community connection


  • Access all the course materials from our KAJABI Platform. Everything you need for success at your fingertips including an app!
  • Program can be done completely online from anywhere including weekly virtual weigh-ins

Body Challenge FAQs

How much weight will I lose?

This depends of course. On average, weight loss for 12 weeks ranges from 15-35lbs. Some might join us for the last 5-10, some might join us to maintain their lost weight. We are here to help you with whatever weight loss goal you have.

When is kickoff? What if I miss kickoff?

We host in-person and virtual kick-offs prior to the meal plan starting.

The in-person kick-off is scheduled for Sunday, September 18, 2022 at our Hudson, MA location. A time will be announced soon.

The Kick Off meeting is a great way to get started, but we understand you might be away or have another obligation, so we do a Facebook Live video which stays recorded on our Private Page. You can still be successful if unable to attend.

Do you use any special food journals or software?

We recommend MYFITNESSPAL (aka MFP) and will be asking for you to friend us there as well so we can view your food intake and help guide your progress. If you have no idea about this FREE on-line app– don’t worry we have a system and process for onboarding you.

We also host our 12 week Program on a platform called KAJABI which is easy to access on your phone, lap top, or desk top computer. 

What if I am going on vacation during the 12 weeks?

Missing time for a vacation, or business trip always happens, so no worries at all.
Life happens and this is a 12 week program.

Is it normal to be afraid to sign up? (asking for a friend)

Very. We understand embarking on something new (or trying to lose weight again) is intimidating. We all fear failure and that is why our program is just as much on MIND SET as it is on the food.

The people who are successful with our program are not better than you, or smarter than you or luckier than you—all they did was take a deep breath- sign up and follow along.

We know you might be nervous but you are not alone. There will be many people ready to work right alongside you to help you be successful.

Can I do this program if I don't live in MA?

Absolutely! In fact, we have dozens of participants each season who live in other parts of the United States. From California to Florida to Maine – you can do this program from anywhere!

Do I need to workout with this program?

Technically? No. You do not. We do encourage clients to find activities they enjoy and at the very least that could be walking and some basic strength training moves (even at home) If you are at home with no plans to join any kind of gym- that is ok! Check out our On-Demand Video Bundle,  and bring The Fitness Asylum into your home 

IS THere an age requirement?

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in our nutrition programs.

Meet Your Captains

Our experienced coaches will provide you with the guidance, support and accountability needed to reach your weight loss goals.


Learn about Rachel

Enthusiastic * High Energy Motivating * Knowledgeable

You may recognize Rachel from being a trainer at The Fitness Asylum!

She is known for supporting people and helping them to crush their goals.

Her favorite quote is “I can, and I will!”


Learn about Kelly

Organized * Creative * Realistic * Inspirational

Kelly’s had some major accomplishments at FA. Wanna know her biggest one? Walking in the door of her first bootcamp class in 2018 after stalking us on Facebook!

Kelly wants you to know that The Body Challenge is about more than just food: “You are learning to change your lifestyle, habits, and routines!”


Learn about Beth

Supportive * Caring * Dedicated Honest * Loyal

Beth is one of our veteran Team Captains with The body Challenge!

She loves connecting with people and helping them reach their goals.

Beth says, “Believe in yourself: you can do hard things! It is finally time to put yourself first and rewrite your story.”


Learn about Amy

No BS * Reliable * Fun * Genuine Hard-Working

Amy has maintained a steady, healthy weight for over 5 years with The Fitness Asylum. She brings tons of experience and fresh ideas to her team.

Her #1 tip for newbies? “Just follow the packet and you will be fine! What do you have to lose?”


Learn about Melisa

Melisa joins our AWESOME team of Captains for Winter 2022!

She has completed several challenges over the years, learning something new each time. In 2020, Melisa has her “AH-HA moment” when the rest of the world shut down and got FIRED UP about her goals and making herself a priority.

Melisa is excited to guide her team to their own incredible success! Her favorite saying is, “You don’t have to be ready you just have to change your mind and you can change your life.”


If Not Now, When?


We will meet you wherever you’re at right now in your weight loss journey and take you where you want to go.

It’s time to commit to yourself and take back control!



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