The Body Challenge

The MUST-HAVE 8-Week Plan to Fast Track to Summer with Confidence

Just in time for summer

Uh-oh, it’s almost that time again! Time to put away the layers and sweats, and dust off the shorts and tank tops. Time for enjoying cookouts, pool parties, the beach and so much more that the nice weather and warmer temps have to offer. So, why the panic?

Did your winter hibernation habits get carried away and now you need to pump the brakes on sweater season snacking?

Feeling like you want to slim down for Spring and Summer, and keep the weight off all year?

We’ve got the plan for you, and it won’t require you to live in the gym or stockpile celery sticks to get there!

We’ve taken The 12-Week Body Challenge and consolidated it into an amazing 8-week nutrition program to help you burn fat without crazy crash diets, juice cleanses of any sort, magic pills, or intense workouts. In fact, working out is entirely optional! And you won’t be dieting your way through summer, either. We kick off April 13-15, 2024 – ACROSS THE COUNTRY, and wrap up your incredible results early in June.

In The Body Challenge FAST TRACK, you’ll receive:

    • Weekly Plug & Play Meal Plans –  to work with YOUR schedule and tastes!
    • Weekly Accountability & Virtual Weigh-Ins
    • Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls
    • Experienced Team Captains
    • Guidance on Vitamins & Supplements
    • Recipes & Nutrition Tips
    • Suggestions for Exercise  & Staying Active – not a requirement for success!
    • Support and Knowledge to Keep You Going

PLUS! We’re including a two-week plan to use after the program ends to provide even more structure for you to sustain your results all summer long!

The Body Challenge, now in it’s 12th year of amazing transformations, is PROVEN to drive amazing weight loss results, producing THOUSANDS of jaw-dropping transformations. Whether you’re just getting started with your weight loss and have BIG goals, or are looking to shed that annoying 10-15lbs that won’t go away, this program provides you the structure, accountability, and tools you need to achieve your weight loss goal!


 The NEW 8-Week Body Challenge is back for April  2024 with a three-phase approach to delivering incredible, sustainable weight loss results – without any extremes. A lot of exciting enhancements and changes are coming your way!

Yes, you can lose weight in 8 weeks without living in the gym, running for hours, or any fad diet approaches that leave you yo-yoing once it’s over.

Whether you’re looking to lose 10 lbs, 15 lbs, or 25+ lbs, The Body Challenge is our most successful and longest running weight loss and nutrition program. This program provides you with an easy to follow meal plan, weekly accountability, and all of the tools and support you need to achieve your weight loss goals!

Each season, we’re shaking things up and bringing new program features to the challenge – using the proven tools for success that have delivered THOUSANDS of amazing before & afters, but with a new approach, new prizes, new tools, and a new way to achieve your goals. PLUS, we’re bringing more trainers to the challenge!

Build Healthy Habits & IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH

The Body Challenge delivers SUSTAINABLE weight loss results without extreme dieting. Not only do you learn what to eat, but you FINALLY understand where you may have gone wrong before and how to develop a healthy lifestyle beyond the program. When you sign up for The Body Challenge you are assigned a Team Captain who not only keeps you accountable but also provides weekly guidance and support to stay focused and crush your goals.

Are you ready to be leaner, healthier, and more confident?


We’re building on the proven-for-success three-tiered approach to taking control of your body with an even more holistic view on weight loss, fitness, and wellness!Our certified trainers are joining the challenge to provide direction and knowledge around all things mobility, strength training, cardio, and more! You don’t even have to be a member of our gym locations to get access to what these trainers have to share each week.

But if you are ready to workout with us, too, we have exclusive membership options for challengers, giving  access any of our four Central MA locations, and utilize over 90 classes each week, plus member perks! 

Are you ready to be leaner, healthier, and more confident? It’s time to recharge with this 8-week total system transformation that starts with a nutrition reset, recharges your body and mind, and reignites your total self with results, tools to sustain your progress, and techniques to take control of your hormones, working with them and not against them.

Plus, NEW Weekly Meal Plan!

The Body Challenge REBOOT - Phase One: RESET


  • Nutrition RESET
  • Calorie Management
  • Plug & Play Meal Plan
  • Establish NEW Habits
The Body Challenge REBOOT - Phase TWO: RECHARGE


  • Dialing up the HEAT
  • Strength Building
  • Carb Cycling
  • Added Challenges & Goal Setting
The Body Challenge REBOOT - Phase Three: REIGNITE


  • Fire Up Metabolism
  • Balance Hormones
  • Assess & Revise
  • Long-term Maintenance Tools

The Body Challenge delivers SUSTAINABLE weight loss results without extreme dieting. Not only do you learn what to eat, but you FINALLY understand where you may have gone wrong before and how to develop a healthy lifestyle beyond the eight weeks.

When you sign up for The Body Challenge you are assigned an experienced Team Captain who not only keeps you accountable but also provides weekly guidance and support to stay focused and crush your goals. Each Captain leads weekly group coaching sessions to review a variety of valuable topics and teach helpful tactics for weight loss. They are there to answer questions on private team pages, and provide helpful tips and tools. 

Prior to kick-off you receive access to our private online program portal, that sets you up with a comprehensive grocery shopping list, information on supplements and vitamins you may be interested in, and guidance on useful resources, like meal prep, exercise (optional), and overall health and wellness. 

Each week you receive a written meal plan to build your meals. The meal plans are designed to be flexible to your palette and nutrition preferences within the designated shopping list. Sorry, there isn’t an option for muffins and beer, but there are an abundance of options for protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and more!

You will submit a virtual weigh-in to your Team Captain every week. By submitting your weight, whether it stayed the same or the scale moved, you’re increasing your team’s chances of raising money that week. 

There are also GRAND prizes available at the end of the program – and they aren’t all based on the number on the scale! We’re looking at total transformation and know that the scale is just ONE metric of progress, and we hope you will learn that, too!

Are you ready to be leaner, healthier, and more confident? LET’S GET STARTED!


Your chance to take back control and lose weight for summer is coming soon! This is the REAL DEAL. Need proof? Take a look at the thousands of lives we’ve helped transform since 2011 when we first introduced The Body Challenge.

And we’ve been improving and making valuable changes each year since to keep delivering results you can KEEP!

Join NOW and lock-in incredible savings.

I’ve found what works for me and my body

This challenge has been extremely exciting for me. I’ve lost just about 25 lbs from April 5th, 2020 to June 26th, 2020 and I’ve found what works for me and my body and I’m working it to the max! This is my 3rd challenge and in total since September 2019, I have lost over 52 lbs! I work out everyday on MY time and stay on track with my food choices. The Fitness Asylum has literally changed my life for the better and continues to do so everyday with this amazing community!

-Randi B.

I started putting myself first.

That’s when I joined The Body Challenge in January 2020.  I became part of a group and I wasn’t alone. 

In 12 weeks I lost close to 40lbs!  I have lost inches, gained confidence, more energy and feel a whole hell of a lot better then I have before! For me this program was more than a weight-loss program it was a lifestyle change! 

– Nicole L.

I started putting myself first.

That’s when I joined The Body Challenge in January 2020.  I became part of a group and I wasn’t alone. 

In 12 weeks I lost close to 40lbs!  I have lost inches, gained confidence, more energy and feel a whole hell of a lot better then I have before! For me this program was more than a weight-loss program it was a lifestyle change! 

– Nicole L.

THE BASICS OF A Comprehensive Success Plan

A solid plan starts with a solid foundation. These basics are included in ALL phases of The Body Challenge. You won’t ever have to go it alone, wander the grocery store aisles aimlessly, and struggle or succeed without SUPPORT. This nutrition program sets you up for success at every phase.

If you want to lose weight, want a supportive community, and you are READY and WILLING to prioritize yourself — then this program is for YOU. These are the key pillars to success that have helped thousands of participants over the past 11 years of this challenge,

WEEKLY Meal Plan

Our Proprietary Nutrition Course is simple to follow with a DONE – FOR – YOU meal plan to maximize fat loss. You won’t just learn what to eat, but why and how to lose weight and keep it off.


Weekly Accountability

You will have an experienced coach as your designated Team Captain providing support on weekly LIVE coaching calls and helping you to make adjustments as needed for maximum results.


No matter where you are participating from, you are never navigating this weight loss program alone! Being part of a team allows you to connect with other participants, exchange tips, and keep each other motivated.

The Body Challenge Fast Track available from anywhere on our digital platform!


  • Informational Kick Off Meeting, professional before & after photos and weekly prizes!
  • Proprietary Nutrition Course with a DONE – FOR – YOU meal plan
  • Designated captain who reviews the nutrition plan, checks your food-journal and helps you make adjustments
  • Private Facebook Groups for support and community connection


  • Access all the course materials from our KAJABI Platform. Everything you need for success at your fingertips including an app!
  • Program can be done completely online from anywhere including weekly virtual weigh-ins

Body Challenge FAQs

How much weight will I lose?

This depends of course. On average, weight loss ranges from 15-35+lbs. Some might join us for the last 5-10, some might join us to maintain their lost weight. We are here to help you with whatever weight loss goal you have.

When is kickoff? What if I miss kickoff?

We host in-person and virtual kick-offs prior to the meal plan starting.

The in-person kick-off is scheduled for early April 13, 2024. We also host a virtual kick-off inside our private challenge page later that week – recorded to replay at your convenience!

The program itself – including meal plan – begin for EVERYONE on April 15, 2024.

The Kick Off meeting is a great way to get started, but we understand you might be away or have another obligation, so we do a Facebook Live video which stays recorded on our Private Page. You can still be successful if unable to attend.

Do you use any special food journals or software?

We host our program on an online platform that is free and easy to access on your phone, laptop, or desktop computer. We also provide online tutortials to reference to get up-to-speed. We know technology isn’t everyone’s strong point!

We also recommend optional online tools that are free, but none are required. 


What if I am going on vacation during the program?

Missing time for a vacation, or business trip always happens, so no worries at all.
Life happens, and you are learning how to plan for success in this program. People travel, attend weddings, celebrate milestones, and so much more on this program. Your goals don’t have to take a backseat to your social life!

Is it normal to be afraid to sign up? (asking for a friend)

Very. We understand embarking on something new (or trying to lose weight again) is intimidating. We all fear failure and that is why our program is just as much on creating habits and establishing the right mindset as it is on the food.

The people who are successful with our program are not better than you, or smarter than you or luckier than you—all they did was take a deep breath- sign up and follow along.

We know you might be nervous but you are not alone. There will be many people ready to work right alongside you to help you be successful.

Can I do this program if I don't live in MA?

Absolutely! In fact, we have dozens of participants each season who live in other parts of the United States. From California to Florida to Maine – you can do this program from anywhere!

Do I need to workout with this program?

Working out at our gym or at all is not required. We do encourage clients to find activities they enjoy to stay active. It can be as simple as walking, but that is not a requirement for success. In fact, we have had many challenge participants who are on the mend from an injury and want to continue with their weight loss or maintenance goals.

If you are interested in working out (with us or at all), we encourage that, of course! And we have several options to get you started. Not local? Check out our On-Demand Video Bundle,  and bring The Fitness Asylum into your home. 

IS THere an age requirement?

You must be at least 18 years old to participate in our nutrition programs.

Meet Your Captains

Our experienced coaches will provide you with the guidance, support and accountability needed to reach your weight loss goals.

*NEW* Captains Added!

Meet Team Captain Tara


Learn about Tara

* Motivating * No Sugar-Coating * Walks the Walk

Tara is a trainer at The Fitness Asylum, pushing clients to their full potential every week in class. Outside of class, Tara walks the walk with an impressive weight loss story of her own. 

Since joining The Fitness Asylum, Tara has gone on to compete as a Professional Bodybuilder, dominating the natural bodybuilding stage. 

She’s stays busy with a successful professional career at a Fortune500 company, keeping herself fit, and staying active with her family, including her toddler grandson!

Meet Team Captain Heather


Learn about Heather

Outgoing * Everyone’s Cheerleader * Positive * 

Heather is a long-time member of The Fitness Asylum, conquering workouts in-person at several of our locations. If you don’t see her, you’ll hear her cheering you on from across the room. 

Heather is no stranger to our nutrition programs, finding great success both in weight loss and weight maintenance doing The Body Challenge. 

She’s a social butterfly who is eager to get you excited about this process and your progress every step of the way.

Meet Team Captain Amanda


Learn about Amanda

Adventurous * Down-to-Earth * Fun-Loving

Amanda will push you to try something new – no matter how big or how small, and help you prove to yourself that you CAN do hard things. 

Amanda joined The Bikini Competition Team a few year ago, and achieved incredible results! She’s continued to lead a balanced lifestyle using the plan and accountability from The Body Challenge. 

She’s a yogi, a runner, an obstacle race enthusiast, and an all-around challenge-seeker who loves to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone.

Meet Team Captain Kelly


Learn about Kelly

Organized * Creative * Realistic * Inspirational

Kelly’s had some major accomplishments at The Fitness Asylum. Wanna know her biggest one? Walking in the door of her first bootcamp class in 2018 after stalking us on Facebook!

Kelly wants you to know that The Body Challenge is about more than just food: “You are learning to change your lifestyle, habits, and routines!”

Meet Team Captain Iris


Learn about IRIS

Positive * Energy Shifter * Fitness Focused

Iris may be the new Team Captain on the block, but she is certainly not new to goal-crushing! Iris is a trainer at The Fitness Asylum who has a love of all things that get your body moving, and help you build a positive mindset.

She has competed with The Bikini & Physique Competition Team, and rocked it! When she’s not in the gym, she can be found walking her dog,  or traveling with her husband – even if it’s just around town trying new or old favorites!


LET’S GET TO WORK – Join the Challenge NOW

The Body Challenge is back this spring for an accelerated 8-Week program to Fast Track to Summer physiques we want with a plan that is proven to deliver amazing results. 

Let’s embrace the tank tops, shorts, and beach days with pride. 

This program kicks off in-person on Saturday, April 13th, or join the virtual program launch across the country on Monday, April 15, 2024.

Deconstructed Dinner Recipes


We’ve got recipes that won’t break the bank, or keep you in the kitchen for hours. Try these delicious deconstructed dinner recipes – veggie pot pie, s’ghetti and meatballs, even pizza and MORE! 

They’re a crowd pleaser, nutrient dense, and answer the nagging question you’re asking yourself everyday.


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