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Start working on the healthier, fitter, stronger version of yourself at The Fitness Asylum. Get started with a trial of our amazing workouts with no contracts to sign! Get started with high-five-worthy workouts for just five dollars NOW! You can workout at any of our four locations across Central MA – Boylston, Grafton, Hudson, and Shrewsbury. 

Yes, we are serious! We’re inviting you to try any of  regularly scheduled classes, including our signature Bootcamp, L.I.F.T., RIPPED, and METCON30 classes as many times as you want for up to 30 days. See for yourself what our fun-filled, dynamic workouts are all about!

Intro Offer: $5 for 15 Days - No contracts to sign!

No cookie-cutter workouts handed down from a corporate office around here. Each challenging, fun class is different – from instructor to format, exercise selection, even the playlist. One thing they all have in common: a fun and effective set that pushes you and gets your body firing on all cylinders. Experience a workout like no other at The Fitness Asylum.

Our regular schedule includes Bootcamp, L.I.F.T., and RIPPED, each of which are hour-long classes, as well as METCON30. Each class includes a complete demo from our certified trainers, and a 40-45 minute complete set.

Not sure where to start? Our signature Bootcamp is a circuit-style class that will get you moving, using a variety of formats and exercises. 

What’s L.I.F.T.? It is stands for Lower Intensity Full-body Training, and it is all of the weight-lifting action you want, without the straight-forward cardio exercises you may find in our other classes.


Strong Girls Specialty Class for girls age 13-17
RIPPED Signature Class

RIPPED is a signature class we added to the regular schedule in 2022. This 40-45 minute workout challenges you to work harder, even while lifting lighter, for more reps and more time. This quickly became a member-fave!

METCON30, a 30-minute, action-packed fat-burner, is also included in our regular schedule for those looking for a shorter workout without skimping on the sweat, or anyone who just wants to switch things up.

Choose different bootcamp classes, with all of our expert trainers, at any of our four locations – Boylston, Hudson, Shrewsbury, and Grafton. In two weeks, you’ll know why this community is packed with motivated, supportive, FUN people of ALL LEVELS and ages. 


Start with 15 days of incredible workouts and see what this one-of-a-kind community is all about.

No contracts to sign. No long-term commitments. Of course, you’ll want to commit once you’ve experienced The Fitness Asylum workouts for yourself.

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