The 45-Day SCULPT

The Nutrition & Fitness Program for men and women who strength train and want to show-off a leaner, toned physique all summer-long!

Now Enrolling for May 2024!

working hard in the gym?
rip the sleeves off and show it off!

You’ve been hitting the gym this year, consistently putting in the hard work. Not sure why your results aren’t showing up the way you had envisioned?

It’s true: you can’t outlift your fork. But you can sync up your workout regimen and your meal plan to maximize your efforts and get you the physical results you want to see.

We can help you go from “Body Type: Works out but says ‘YES!’ to doughnuts.” to “Body Type: Oh. Hot. Damn.”

What You’ll Get:

  • *NEW* 6 Week Eating Plan to lose body fat and keep (building) muscle mass
    1.  Private Facebook group and expert fitness & nutrition moderator

    2. Workouts that you can execute at any gym and that you can use for 12- 24 weeks

    3. Already working out with us? Get tips and tools to maximize your workouts and your membership. Plus, workouts to utilize when you are traveling!
    4. 10% discount on supplements through Poliquin,  plus help with creating a personalized supplement plan regimen

    5. A kick-off call LIVE inside the private group page and 5 weekly group coaching calls

    6. Prizes NOT based on the scale


    We created The 45-Day Sculpt for the gym-going fitness enthusiast who wants to look like they’ve been putting in the hard work and sweat dues all year.

    We understand that you want to look like you workout just as much as you can feel your results off the scale.

    This is the ideal program for someone who wants a short-term commitment to a written plug and play meal plan that fuels them properly to keep pushing it in the gym, while also toning up their muscles and trimming away at more fat – in and out of the gym.

    No extremes or fads. A weight loss plan that structures your meals, plans cardio and strength, and sets the clear path for achievable results 45 days.

    The Sculpt is right for you if…

    • You are currently working 3-5x each week at our gym, a commercial gym, or a home gym that has a variety of heavy weights
    • You want muscle definition more than just a number on a scale
    • You might have a weight loss goal of 10lbs or less, but that is not your priority
    • You are familiar with most exercises and/or are a resourceful person who will look them up
    • You are an action-taker with a clear, realistic vision of how you want to look
    • You want to level-up how you look to match the sweat equity you’re putting in


    No team captains or weekly coaching check-ins. Follow a weekly plan for meals, strength training, and even cardio. Then dial up your efforts with the correct regimen of supplements, workout recovery, and general health principles. Each week, your group moderator will lead a LIVE informational session to equip you with more muscle-building knowledge, and motivation to stay consistent and even work harder. And who is this master motivator?

    Bonnie Lefrak, Earned Not Given

    Meet your group moderator and our Founder, Bonnie Lefrak.

    Bonnie knows how to build muscle and burn fat, and she will bring the hard truth, the valuable insights, and the motivation you’ve been craving.

    She has decades of experience training clients in the gym, as well as for natural bodybuilding competitions with The Bikini Competition Team.

    THOUSANDS of men and women have reaped the benefits of trusting Bonnie’s guidance and following her fool-proof nutrition plans.

    Bonnie will be LIVE on the private team page each week. This is not, however, a 1:1 coaching program.


    Enrollment for The Sculpt (Spring 2024) is now open to both members and non-members.

    It is the BEST decision I made!!! I have met some nice people and everyone is very encouraging!!!!!! 🏋️‍♀️❤️🏋️‍♀️. I am so excited watching the weight come off as well as getting into smaller sizes that I haven’t seen in a long time.

    – Cynthia T., Nutrition Program Success Story

    The Fitness Asylum Program Testimonial
    The Fitness Asylum Program Testimonial

    I’m feeling great! I’ve lost weight, dropped pant sizes, feel stronger, and have so much more energy.

    – Sandy, Member & Nutrition Program Success Story

    The 45-Day Sculpt Program Features

    45-Day Written Meal Plan

    Start with an extensive shopping list of foods that fit the program, then customize it to meet your own tastes. The plan changes week-to-week, and includes extensive information to help you build a daily plan that works for you!


    Program includes strength training and cardio plans for maximizing the class schedule at The Fitness Asylum OR working out on your own at a commercial or home gym.


    The private group page is led by our Founder and fearless leader in all things muscle building and fat burning, Bonnie Lefrak. 

    FAQS About The 45-DAY SCULPT

    Do I need to be a member or workout at The Fitness Asylum?

    No! Not only do you not need to be a member or workout at The Fitness Asylum, you can do this from ANYWHERE in the world!

    When does it start?

    The program meal and strength plans officially begin on Monday, May 6, 2024. We will host an online kick-off inside our private group page on Sunday, May 5th. It will be saved to the page.

    How is this different from The Body Challenge or The Bikini Competition Team?

    The 45-Day Sculpt is NOT a weight loss program. You need to currently workout and be comfortable in either our gym or a commercial gym space. 

    The Sculpt is a do-it-yourself, shorter time commitment program that does not prepare you to get on a bikini or bodybuilding stage to compete.  You will not be broken into teams, nor will you send weekly weigh-ins directly to a coach or captain.

    Working out is a requirement for this program, unlike The Body Challenge. Personal training or gym membership is not included in the enrollment fee. You are not required to workout at The Fitness Asylum.


    How much weight will i lose?

    All weight loss results will vary by individual, and are not guaranteed. If you are actively working out and want to maintain your weight, or lose less 10 lbs +/- in a shorter time frame, The 45-Day Sculpt may be the best program for you based on our current nutrition program offerings. If your goal is 15 or more pounds, you would be better suited in The Body Challenge.

    If you are planning to join The Bikini & Physique Competition Team for the Fall 2024 season, this is a great option for someone who is actively strength training. The Body Challenge is also a great program option as a pre-cursor to The Competition Team.


    The workout plans will include recommendations for the best options within our own regular schedule and Specialty Class options. 

    The plans will also include commercial gym workouts, and suggestions for flexible workouts on-the-go, as well as HIIT workouts and finishers to compliment classes. The plans do not include exercise training, so familiarity with basic equipment and strength training exercises is a requirement. 


    You must be at least 18 years old to participate in any of our nutrition programs.

    What if I have dietary restrictions?

    You don’t have to eat foods that you are allergic to (or don’t enjoy – for the most part). This program does use written meal plans and not macros. Macros will not be provided for vegetarians or vegans.

    Our nutrition programs have helped thousands.

    Transformations from The Fitness Asylum's Nutrition Programs
    Transformations from The Fitness Asylum's Nutrition Programs
    Transformations from The Fitness Asylum's Nutrition Programs
    The Fitness Asylum Nutrition Program Before & After
    Transformations from The Fitness Asylum's Nutrition Programs
    Erin Letsky Bikini Transformation
    Transformations from The Fitness Asylum's Nutrition Programs
    Transformations from The Fitness Asylum's Nutrition Programs
    The Fitness Asylum Nutrition Program Before & After
    Transformations from The Fitness Asylum's Nutrition Programs

    WORKING HARD? Look like it!

    LIMITED Enrollment is now open to both members and non-members.

    The Fitness Asylum Program Testimonial

    The Fitness Asylum is such a motivating environment to strive for healthiness. I can’t say enough about all the awesome Instructors who are knowledgeable, supportive and adaptive to all levels. It’s great to have found a place that can help me with not only my workout goals but also with my meal planning…and I’m not starving!

    – Donna J., Member & Program Success Story


    If this program isn’t for you, take a look at our other nutrition programs and specialty classes now enrolling. In over a decade of transforming thousands of physiques, we understand that everyone has their own goals – for fitness, weight loss, and more! We’ve created a variety of nutrition transformation programs and workouts to meet the array of goals out there!

    Plus, we offer programs for businesses and small groups – from transformation programs to strength training.

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