Bring The Fitness Asylum Solutions to Your Organization!

Inspire your team to get moving towards a healthier lifestyle with The Fitness Asylum. Let us help you organize a group nutrition program or plan team workouts and specialized training. We can take many of our existing programs and tailor them to your private group needs, or let us create something new – exclusively for your business with our corporate partnership opportunities.

We work with large corporations and private businesses and other small groups to create the training, weight-loss, team building, and other health and wellness plans to rally your organization around self-improvement – together!

Looking to set-up a fundraiser through The Fitness Asylum? We love putting wellness momentum behind a good cause! In fact, each year we fundraise for a variety of charities, including cancer research, food banks, and women and youth focused groups, within our own community. We’d love to help you raise money for your important cause in a fun, fit way!

Programs can be done from any of our Central Massachusetts our locations, or online across the country! 

Have an idea in the works? Let’s chat! Email support@fitness-asylum.com

Customize a Fitness Program for Your Organization


Do you have specific goals for your team in their off-season or cross-training plan? We not only offer Small Group Training, but also have a variety of Specialty Classes that can be tailored to your group. 

If you’re looking to simply get your group moving together, let’s plan a monthly (or quarterly, for example) team workout at any of our four locations – Boylston, Grafton, Hudson, and Shrewsbury. 

There are a variety of options to get your co-workers or athletes moving with private group fitness. Our Fitness Program Manager, Rachel, can help you make the best plan for your objectives! rachel@fitness-asylum.com 


Get your own nutrition challenge going and celebrate your team’s losses for a change! We have a variety of pre-built 21- and 30-Day nutrition programs we can scale for your business, or let us organize a longer, private challenge for you – such as The 12-Week Body Challenge. 

Or let us create something unique for your organization to rally around specific weight loss or healthy living goals in a timeframe and setting that works for you. All of the programs can be done online, and have the option of utilizing meal plans or macros, a group moderator or check-in coach to help on a more individual basis. 


Customize a Nutrition Program for Your Organization
Corporate Partnership & Fundraiser Opportunities


Everyone can benefit from a fun workout, right? Let’s plan your fundraiser at The Fitness Asylum and raise money for the charity of your choosing while we also bring community together and get the endorphins pumping!

The Fitness Asylum organizes brewery bootcamps, strength-based clinics, donation-based workouts, and a variety of other fundraisers each year, and we are happy to make this happen for the cause your business is rallying behind!


Are you interested in sponsoring an event at or with The Fitness Asylum? Do you have a product or service you’d like to get in front our amazing community? Would The Fitness Asylum be a great fit for your event or organization? Let’s talk. 

We love working with other organizations committed to bettering individuals and the communities around us. We have a variety of events each year, including our exclusive bikini & physique team competition and Swing for a Cure events, as well as monthly member offers that may be a great fit for your brand.


Corporate Partnerships, Sponsorships, and Vendor Opportunities


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