The 21-Day Summer Shred

Get Summer-ready in 21-days – WITH REAL FOOD!

The 21-Day Summer Shred is written out into 3 separate weeks of nutrition plans to follow over 21-days, and includes a resource of clean, healthy recipes.  There are options along the way so depending on your goals or desires you can get good, great and even dramatic results by following the program and be ready for summer. 

The philosophy is to provide a positive BOOST to be ready for summer, not just with motivational tips (because tips don’t shed fat) but with something that you can implement. We’ll provide a jumpstart or kick-in-the-ass (we all need it from time to time), and a plan for the one thing that matters most for any kind of body composition change: food.  

Don’t worry!  Summer Shred does include a private Facebook group with coach to help guide you through the program and offer tips to reach your goals. 

Our June Summer Shred kicks off Monday, June 6, 2022 and is available for $77.  You get:

  • Easy-to-follow meal plan
  • Approved shopping list 
  • Suggested, easy to follow, clean recipes
  • Access to a private Facebook group with group coach
  • Summer ready! 😎
Summer Shred Clean Eating Assortment

21-Day Written Meal Plan

The plan includes a shopping list of approved foods, recommendations, and step by step meals throughout the 21 days.

Coaching in our supportive Online Community

Private Facebook Page with a coach moderating and answering your questions.


Easy-to-follow, delicious, and ON-PLAN recipes and food suggestions to help you enjoy your food and stay on track all month!


Do I need to be a member or workout at The Fitness Asylum?

No! Not only do you not need to be a member or workout at The Fitness Asylum, you can do this from ANYWHERE in the world, and workouts are not mandatory for success (but of course encouraged).

When does it start?

Our Summer Shred kicks off June 6, 2022 from ANYWHERE!

What if I have dietary restrictions?

You don’t have to eat foods that you are allergic to (or don’t enjoy – for the most part). This program does use written meal plans and not macros. Macros will not be provided for vegetarians or vegans.

How is this different from The Body Challenge or The Bikini Competition Team?

The Summer Shred is a do-it-yourself, fast-track program that does not prepare you to get on a bodybuilding stage to compete, or participate in a team with a Captain or Coach you send weekly check-ins to. This program does not include team tracking, prizes, or professional before and after photos. We do provide a coach on the private group page as part of The Summer Shred, who will provide tips, motivation, and other support. There are no private check-ins or individual plan modifications provided based on progress.


You must be at least 18 years old to participate in any of our nutrition programs. 


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